Valentina Fass

Sky Sport

International Desk

She graduated in Economics at the London School of Economics and there attended also a Masters in European Studies. Valentina starts her journalistic career at the university radio and soon becomes correspondent from London for La Gazzetta Politica. Her first steps for tv were with CNBC Europe in the heart of the City. For the European financial channel she worked on documentaries and sponsored special projects. Back in Italy in 2005 she started working for Sky Sport as producer of Sport Time and coordinated in depth programmes until the move to Sky Sport 24, the first Italian all-news sports channel, in 2008. Reporter for 2 months at London Olympic Games, and Paralympic Games, before coming back to Milan in the planning office to manage the daily work organization of the newsroom. Currently she’s head of the International Desk for which she follows the daily cooperation with the London and Munich offices and is involved in the media coverage of Euro2020.

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