Claus-Peter Mayer

Adidas Europe

Senior Vice President Brand

Claus-Peter Mayer is currently SVP Brand for adidas Europe. He was born in 1967 in Urach, Germany and joined adidas in 1995. After working for 4 years in the Marketing department of the German adidas subsidiary he moved in 1999 to Portland, Oregon to work in Global functions. In 2002 he took over the Global Business Unit for Outdoor, Skateboarding and BMX. Moving back to Germany in 2004, he led the Global Business Unit creating all Key Account specific concepts. He then joined the adidas Europe team in Amsterdam in 2005 and became the Sales Director responsible for the business with Foot Locker in Europe. Moving back to Germany in 2010 he was named VP Global Sports Marketing Football. In this capacity he has been leading the effort on all relationships and negotiations reg players, clubs, federations and governing bodies. Amongst the most prominent additions to the adidas portfolio during that time are Manchester United, Juventus Turin, Arsenal London or Paul Pogba. In 2018 Claus was named SVP Brand for adidas Europe. He oversees all aspects of Brand, Ranging and Marketing and was instrumental in bringing Europe back to growth. Being involved in many sports from a young age, Claus is a true believer in the power of sports, both as a vehicle for changing people’s lives as well as the ability of sports to unite us and create hope. Claus is a former semi-professional Football player with a Sports Management degree from the University of Bayreuth and lives in Nürnberg, Germany with his wife and their 2 kids.

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