GSWParis 2022

Luta Pela Paz

GSW Social Booster 2022


Fight for Peace inspires young people to reach their full potential and promotes peace in our communities. We have a three-way strategic approach - at our Academies in Rio and London we work with people affected by social issues, combining boxing and martial arts with a range of other services in education, job training and mentorship to give young people the best opportunities and support to develop the skills they need to succeed. Through our Alliance programme we take what we learn and invest in partners - we have now trained over 200 organisations and coaches around the world in using boxing and martial arts to improve social inclusion and youth development in their communities. And through our Collectives programmes in Kingston and Sao Paulo we work with communities bringing together youth development organisations with actors from the private sector, government and international development agencies to work together to find collaborative solutions to youth violence. At the heart of our approach is boxing and martial arts, which has helped build the platform for our poistive impact on children and young people in some of the world's most vulnerable communities.