GSWParis 2022

Right to play vs Duty to move

May 11, 2022 | 7:15 AM - 9:00 AM


Exploring the two-speed reality of sport in a world of unequal access to physical activity, facilities and coaching. Countries such as France are increasing their investment in the provision of sport-on-prescription, mindful of long-term taxpayer returns. But how do we harness the potential of sport to play a real role in global public health policy while fundamental barriers of geography, gender, age, disability and income remain? If sport is not first a human right, how can it be considered a civic duty? What mechanisms can we prioritise to fast-track broader access to sport? And how can we better measure the impact on health, happiness, productivity and social and economic inclusion? On the agenda: ▷ The big picture - Petra Sörling ▷ Vision in action: adidas breaking barriers - Claus Peter Mayer & Alessia Russo, moderated by Amina Ndao ▷ Spotlight on diversity - Benny Bonsu ▷ The global view - Gabriela Ramos ▷ The changemaker view - Marie Barsacq ▷ The City view - Ivoa Alavoine ▷ Vision in action: IPC x Toyota - Andrew Parsons & Cédric Borremans ▷ The industry view - Emma Mason



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