GSWParis 2022

New revenues vs Legacy fans

May 11, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM


Digital transformation and the shift towards direct-to-consumer models is fundamentally changing the role of fans in the business of sport. As barriers to audience growth fall away in a globalised sports economy bursting with the potential of digital assets and other fan-centric new revenue streams, the growing power of fans is also being felt through resistance movements rooted in sport’s traditional communities and values. Examples such as the failed breakaway European Super League project raise important questions for the future: how much should sport’s commercial growth be regulated to reflect its societal importance? To what extent are today’s sports fans true stakeholders versus financial assets? Why does it matter? And what place, for example, should the metaverse have in an industry based on physical activity and human connection? How digital can sport go before it is no longer sport? On the agenda: ▷ The rightholder view - Nadia Benmokhtar ▷ The big picture - Ben Morel, moderated by Magali Tézenas du Montcel ▷ Vision in action: Betclic x basketball - Nicolas Beraud ▷ Vision in action: Intel - Stéphane Nègre ▷ Face à Face: Music x Football - Oliver Robert-Murphy & Jean-François Pathy



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