GSWParis 2022


Amina Lanaya


Director General


Amina Lanaya was appointed Director General of the UCI in September 2017. With a dual French and Moroccan nationality, she is the first woman to occupy the post since the Federation was founded in 1900. She is also one of the few female executives in charge of an international sports federation. After qualifying as a lawyer, she worked with international law firms in Paris before moving to Switzerland and the UCI around some 15 years ago. She occupied a position in the UCI’s Legal Department, specialising in anti-doping, before becoming the Federation’s deputy Director General, and then moving on to her current post. She now heads up a team of 120 people. A passionate sports fan, Lanaya is also a committed supporter of causes such as gender equality and diversity in sport and governance, integrity at all levels, and sustainable development. A keen recreational cyclist, she makes the most of the UCI’s superb facilities and surroundings to ride go riding in her spare time.