GSWParis 2022

Women's sport vs The men's sport model

May 10, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


Professional women’s sport is coming of age in conditions ideal for innovation – post-digitalisation, and with a new generation imposing a radically softer set of cultural values on the world. Yet the development of women’s sports still largely follows a decades-old roadmap based on traditional men’s models of practice, consumption and commercialization. This conundrum poses a bigger question: is gender equivalence the right objective for sport? What do women and women’s sports fans really want? Does greater convergence or divergence offer the best path to true equality of opportunity – and to future growth across both men’s and women’s sports? Closer to the here and now, we’ll also look at the women’s sports properties that are leaning into their challenger status to drive change and opportunity for the industry as a whole. On the agenda: ▷ The athlete view - Joe Leedham-Warner ▷ The big picture - Amina Lanaya ▷ The innovator view - Kate Veronneau ▷ Vision in action: women in basketball - Andreas Zagklis et Raffaella Masciadri ▷ My story - Peterson Céüs ▷ The athlete view - Marie Bochet



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