GSWParis 2022

Athletes vs The industry

May 10, 2022 | 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


As athletes increasingly step into their power as media brands and societal activists in a democratised digital landscape, the impact is driving further changes to the structure of sport. We’ll explore how power, influence and money within sport is shifting, as lines between the traditional industry verticals continue to blur. In this new world, there are big questions to answer: what should be the role of federations, for example? Are athlete-owned properties the future? How must traditional rightsholders adapt to harness the growing reach and bargaining power of their stars? We’ll also look at how the shifts are being felt by sponsors – and the athletes themselves. (How) can they work together to drive positive change in and through sport? On the agenda : ▷ The big picture - Dame Katherine Grainger ▷ The industry view - Mayi Cruz Blanco ▷ The changemaker view - Jonas Baer-Hoffmann ▷ The athlete view - Arthur Bauchet



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