GSWParis 2022


Arthur Bauchet


Triple Champion Paralympique


Arthur Bauchet is a 21-year-old para-alpine skier. Born in Saint Tropez, he lived 15 years in Grimaud. Since 2010 he is fighting a genetical disease called Paraparesis Spastic. The symptoms are muscles, cramps and spasticity Started skiing is not really easy when you live on the French riviera... his parents made more that 3h of road each weekend to go in the mountain, and they did that for 10 years In 2015, he moved in Serre Chevalier with his mother. He’s still living here His para skier journey start in the autumn 2016, when he step into the B team of the french team, with the beautiful goal of 2022 Paralympic Games. In December the same year, he took part in his first world Cup, where he won the race. In January 2017 he raced in the world championship where he won 3 medals, whose 2 golds. With this race he took his place for the 2018 paralympic games. Now he continue skiing, and wear the french color on the international stage and recently he come back with 3 golds and 1 bronze medal, from the paralympic games 2022